Memed Erdener

Letter – 2009

Praising the writer of the letter, in other words the signature rather than the letter’s content. Or at least, let us put it this way: The signature is as important as the letter itself. The writer’s wish for not falling behind what’s written. To speak even more clearer, the rash and indiscreet announcement to the public of a deed done for the sake of the public in the first place. At a time where power is worshipped, to come out and shout ‘I am the one who did this good deed’. To inform the public via all sorts of publicity events where more money is spent than is spent for the good deed. The one who makes a good deed being more significant rather than the good deed itself. The name behind the good deed: Signature.

The age we live in is the age of power worshipping. It is also the age of humanity’s maturation. The sovereignty of the Signature, claiming everything as it’s own, will end as humanity matures. All this aggression, greed and vulgarity will be replaced by tranquility, humility and grace. In the near future, people will prefer brands that contribute most to the world, preserve its innocence and are transparent rather than top- selling, fast-growing, loud brands like they prefer today. They will feel closer to brands that have made enormous efforts in saving the rain forests or dedicated themselves to improve Africa’s social and cultural structure or gave a helping hand to the hungry and poor or just simply set a goal to manufacture products at lower costs.

Due to this major U-turn of humanity, companies will evolve and become service-focused rather than profit-focused. Thus, they will not be referred to as ‘companies’. Companies which will insist on making profits will be noted by people and people will not prefer such companies. Eventually, those companies’ products will no longer be sold first in supermarkets, then across provinces later entire countries and finally, they will be withdrawn from sales across the whole world. The companies’ yearly financial reports will include information regarding pro bono services provided to people and to the world rather than information about margin of profit or growth indicators. In this future a new product will be designed only when people really need it. People will only buy that product when they really need it.

The concept of the New we see on almost every ad and every billboard today will find its true meaning. There will be less working hours, thus parents will be able to find the time to spend with their children. Encyclopedias and pedagogy will no longer serve the commercial world, instead render their services solely to the family. Society’s passion for shopping will vanish. The joy of living will fill all the gaps. Leisure time will be sanctified. Idleness will make a cool comeback in cities, on the streets, in kitchens, in bedrooms after many centuries... The concept will find its way back into the hands of its former owner. The most popular word of the history of culture which was ripped from philosophy’s heart and captured by marketing experts will find its way back home. Philosophy will embrace the concept.

When this enlightenment takes place, the ad of a new product which is designed and launched solely based on demand will include a simple, plain and modest signature at the right bottom corner, rather than a logo, sign or a slogan that shouts ‘I am different’. The signature will have the same font as the main body and will not distinguish itself. Just the way it should be. This ordinary, yet cool poise will reflect on others. There will come a day when all brands will have the same font. That day will be recognized as the day commerce made peace with people. From that day on, having a distinguished company name, setting corporate colors and formats, making companies unique and brands recognized, furthermore turning brands into icons will be considered impolite and ill-mannered.

Unfortunately, it is to blame for the oil wars. It is the killer murderer of the 20 year old top model who jumped out of the window of her hotel room and committed suicide. It is the thing which will vanish forever since it is ruthless, rude, attention-crazy and vulgar. It is the thing whose vanishing will benefit people. It is the thing that is doomed to vanish in a life where how it is said and how it looks is not important; but what is said and why it looks the way it does is extremely important. Its name is: Logo

Translation: Nazım Dikbaş