hiss-i-kable-l-vuku-webSecond Sight

Some days, in the early hours of the morning, a big black cloud appears- coming in from the north, progressing right above the surface of the waters of the Bosphorus, swelling even larger with the long sirens of cargo liners, enveloping the cormorants and once having reached the shoreline, climbing from the coast towards the hills, first towards the poor neighbourhoods and then towards the city centre. This thing is engaged in angst and sorrow; it influences events, it changes the direction of things that seem to be on the mend, it causes controversy, tension, accidents and fights, throws people off balance, tears close friends apart, and causes all sorts of trouble to lovers. Avoiding, if not completely disposing of this strange event of nature is not something that can be done by marking its arrival on the calendar beforehand. This unpredictable event can only be cast away with second sight. Those who would like to keep their spiritual worlds intact must anticipate certain events that will take place in the near future, and stay away from this mysterious dark mist and the troubles that it may bring.

Brass and car paint on polyester / 27x27x52cm