slavery-museumSlavery Museum

Every language is a prison. Every new language you encounter will enable you to escape the dungeon you were locked up in. In between the dungeons, it is possible, albeit for a short while, to be free.
A person who makes incoherent sounds, does not use the agreed-upon words and maintains this behaviour, is regarded as strange and will be avoided by others. Here begins the danger. The isolated person quickly loses his/her cogency, respectability in society and responsibilities, becoming free from civilisation. And the voice, breaking loose from the obligation of making sense, is freed. A new life, meaningless for the person and the voice, and dangerous for civilisation, begins in the ocean of the unconscious. The endeavour of The Slavery Museum is not to let another uncivilised life begin.
Since they cannot speak
How beautiful animals must think
Just like our hands.
(Melih Cevdet Anday)

Wristwatch straps, wood, brass, plastic letters and a brass frame / 3,5x29x60cm