namik-kemal-yasar-dogu-webThe Turk’s Mother and Father Are Both Male

Namık Kemal (1840-1888) and Yaşar Doğu (1913-1961) postcards, four baby’s bottle nipples / 15,5x22cm and 15,5x22cm

Lilith, Adam’s first wife before Eve, in other words, the first woman, who was created at the same moment with him, does not accept God’s law that man was superior to woman. She refuses to lie under Adam and abandons him. God then created for Adam, from his rib, the obedient Eve. Thus Eve was created obedient. But Turks never obey. A turk has never bowed down. The mother of a turk, never lies under no one. Yet the mother of turks cannot be the free-spirited Lilith, who today has become the symbol of the women’s freedom movement, either. So we can say, with no reservation whatsoever, that the turk’s mother is also male. For instance, my male mother is Namık Kemal, and my male father is Yaşar Doğu.
The turk is the child of two men, a product of mental and physical power. In other words, a turk, rather than living a 100 years like a woman,
lives a single year like a man.